Thursday, August 14, 2008

Liver Cleansing


Ingredients :

4 tablespoons of oral Epsom salts
1 tablespoon Vitamin C powder
½ cup virgin olive oil
1 large fresh grapefruit
2 glass jars with lids
16 oz. apple juice + beet juice
Drink as much water as you want

Procedure :

First day:
1. 9:00 am: Eat a breakfast of cooked porridge, no milk or butter;
8 ounces apple juice + beet juice; or a baked potato, no butter
2. 2:00 pm : Mix 4 tablespoons of oral Epsom salts and 1 Tbsp of
Vitamin C powder in 3 cups of cold water in one jar, and
3. 3:00 pm : Have a warm water enema; rest
4. 6:00 pm : Drink ¾ cup of the cold Epsom salts
5. 8:00 pm : Drink ¾ cup Epsom salts
6. 9:45 pm : Pour ½ cup olive oil into the second jar; squeeze out
½ cup grapefruit juice and add to the olive oil. Close the jar
lid and shake hard until watery.
7. 10:00 pm : Drink the potion. Lie down immediately. Lie still on
your back and go to sleep.

Second day:
1. 9:00 am: Drink ¾ cup Epsom salts. Go back to bed.
2. 11:00 am : Drink ¾ cup Epsom salts. Go back to bed.
3. 1:00 pm : Get up and drink 8 ounces apple + beet juice. Read a
4. 2:00 pm : Eat a banana or an orange. Read another book.
5. 6:00 pm : Eat a light supper of salad and fruit; no meat

Many stones will be seen in the toilet upon the first bowel movement after a liver cleanse. It may take several cleanses over a period of months to clear all of them out from the liver.

Following a liver cleanse, it is useful to have several coffee enemas to pull further toxins that are stored in the liver. Use organic coffee beans, and about a quart of coffee each time, retained for ten minutes.

Replace intestinal bacteria by taking acidophilus and soil-based organisms (SBO) for a week after a liver cleanse.

Best of Health!
Dr. Saul Pressman

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