Tuesday, July 01, 2008

101 Painless Ways to Detoxify Your Mind, Body, and Home

By Laura Milligan
Crash diets and certain fads that promise to give your body the detox treatment are not only harmful to your health, but they can leave you feeling cranky, irritable, exhausted and starving. There are some beneficial long term effects of detoxification, however, including a more focused mind, more energy, clearer skin and decreased chances of developing cancer and other chronic diseases. If you’re interested in detoxifying your entire mind, body and living spaces, but aren’t ready to starve yourself or cause yourself more stress on a crazy diet, use this list to incorporate 101 painless ways to get the results you want.

Bad Habits to Break
Hardcore smokers may not consider giving up their vice "painless," but there are alternative treatments that help you break these and other bad habits, freeing your body of harmful chemicals, slower metabolisms and inefficient digestive systems.

Smoking: Every time you smoke a cigarette, your body has to fight off harmful amounts of tar, smoke, nicotine, ammonia and carbon monoxide, as well as other toxins.

Alcohol: While some doctors and scientists argue that a low to moderate consumption of alcohol is beneficial to your health, alcoholic beverages put a lot of stress on your body, and are full of sugar and calories. If you drink even a little too much, you may notice differences in your digestion, headaches, nausea, sluggishness, and other toxic side effects.

Not getting enough sleep: Even though you’re not putting anything harmful in your body, not getting enough sleep can be harmful to you. Follow these tips to fall asleep faster and understand why sleep is so important.

Eating fast food and frozen food: Even if you think you’re getting a good meal from a frozen dinner, the important minerals and vitamins have probably been cooked out of the foods already. Fast food tends to have a lot of extra salt, fat and artificial flavoring, all of which add unnecessary toxins to your body and make you feel weighted down.

Short temper: If you’re constantly getting angry at people or suspecting them of cheating you out of something, your mind is never at peace. Learn to relax by learning to fix a short temper.
Over dieting: Though a good diet that’s free of fast food, junk food and too much alcohol is an important step in detoxifying your body and mind, over dieting can be harmful as well. If you’re depriving your body of nutrients or causing your body stress by binging and purging, you need to change your dieting habits.

Clutter: A cluttered home causes emotional stress. Increase productivity and give yourself a sense of calm by taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes and reducing clutter.
Being negative: Get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, and you’ll find that a life filled with feelings of gratitude, optimism and perspective will make you more successful and happy.

Caffeine addiction: Being addicted to caffeine can be a serious problem for some people: too much coffee affects sleep patterns, energy levels, social skills, concentration and focus, and job performance. Get tips for breaking the caffeine habit here.

Isolation: Taking time out for yourself is a good way to get centered, but spending too much time alone isn’t good for your spirit. Visit a neighbor or family member for a little social interaction, which will keep you from feeling depressed and lonely. Read more>>

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