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Rejuvenate your cells today with SOLITON LASERS

Q: Do lasers really work?

A: The Q1000 Laser really works. It donates energy to cells which translates to cellular rejuvenation. When an injury or health condition is not getting better usually it is due to a lack of energy, or electrons.

This energy is what helps the cell to grow more cells and get better from whatever is going on. The Q1000 laser provides that energy which in turn assists the cell to start to grow more cells. It is very similar to a garden where you plant vegetables in areas where they will get sunlight. This light donates photons or energy for vegetables to grow.

The body works the same way. Only many people don’t get enough energy from the sun, air, water and most important food. With the use of pesticides and chlorine our food, air and water actually use up the bodies electrons in the process of converting toxins to a non harmful state. As a result many injuries take longer to heal. This is where the Q1000 is very beneficial.

It donates energy in the form of photons. This in turn enhances the flow of electrons which stimulates cells to start to grow more cells (click here to learn more about laser physics). The process is really quite simple and profoundly effective. We have some incredible success stories of people that have avoided surgery using our laser or recovered from chronic immune situations. The key is consistent use and an openness to heal.

Q: Are lasers safe?

A: This is a great question and appropriate given the traditional applications of lasers. This society views lasers as powerful, cutting, heating beams of light.

While this can be so, there are many classes of lasers. Ours are often called soft lasers and are totally different than cutting lasers. Lasers are used in a wide variety of technologies commonly used in our society.

In fact, lasers are already being used by every major discipline of medicine. As such, it is appropriate for lasers to become available for health practitioners and lay people. Soft healing lasers use much lower powered laser diodes to donate energy in the form of photons to cells for the purpose of rejuvenation.

There are many healing lasers on the market that are quite powerful. Our feeling is that a well designed laser does not have to be to powerful. Many lasers that are currently being used in our opinion are not suitable for lay people and certainly are not designed for use on organs and glands. Many of the lasers on the market are for injuries only. The Q1000 and its probes have powerful laser diodes, only they are designed to be extremely safe and effective. We feel very comfortable having lay people use these lasers for health and rejuvenation.

Q: Why purchase the Q1000 laser compared to other lasers?

A: The Q1000 laser is incredibly versatile. The Soliton Wave technology makes it gentle enough to use on areas other laser are not designed for. The ability to work on soft tissue, meridians, bones, teeth, organs, glands, cranial sacral fluid, lymph and much more makes this laser unique among lasers. Most lasers are mostly for pain and injury.

The Q1000 is fantastic for healing pain and injuries, and also a wide variety of other applications. This advanced technology makes it a subtle healing laser that is great for facial rejuvenation, weight loss, organ rejuvenation, immune enhancement, colon detoxification and much more.

Q: Who buys a Q1000 laser?

A: A wide variety of people purchase Soliton Lasers.

From healers to elderly folks, people from all walks of life feel comfortable using the Q1000 laser. It is safe and easy to use; about 50% of the people that buy Soliton lasers are lay people. The other 50% are health providers ranging from nurses and traditional doctors to naturopathic doctors and healers.

We have many chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, dentists, energy healers, veterinarians and naturopaths using the Q1000 laser during patient related procedures. It is easy and comfortable to use and virtually everyone that tries it gets good results. It's very empowering to help people with their health challenges - even people with long-term chronic problems see improvements almost right away.

The Q1000 is a simple tool with powerful results.

Q: Is it hard to learn how to use?

A: The Q1000 is a very easy laser to use. Most lasers and healing devices require extensive training and understanding due to the electric power output.

The Q1000 is made to be safe yet simple. Even though it uses minimal electric output, it is as powerful and effective as healing devices get. The Q1000 laser works on a unique new principle of subtle energy called soliton wave technology.

This is actually more powerful than traditional lasers. Its power comes from the coherent nature of the energy that makes it very effective at helping cells to regenerate. This happens naturally by simply holding the laser near the body in the area you wish to enhance and allow it to do its thing. There are different modes which are also designed to be simple and effective.

These modes are easy to learn through our free training. People that purchase this laser appreciate its ease of use. The sense of wellness that comes with being able to prevent problems and deal effectively with existing health challenges makes this device at bargain

Q: Why do lasers cost so much?

A: Lasers are still expensive due to the cost of laser hardware and the cost of manufacturing lasers. They have not yet been widely manufactured and as a result the companies that make soft healing lasers have a lot of costs in the design, research and manufacturing of lasers. As lasers begin to gain more momentum in healthcare as the phenomenal approach to wellness that they are, laser companies can manufacture in higher quantities and begin to offer more affordable lasers.

In the world of lasers the Q1000 is one of the most affordable around. Compared to other lasers you get a great value for your dollar. With our laser system you get 14 laser diodes for the price of what other companies give you only a few laser diodes.

The Q1000 also offers multiple laser wavelengths and unique new soliton wave technology nicely packaged in a portable and durable hand held laser. The versatility and ability of using the Q1000 laser on organs, immune enhancement, facials, teeth, injuries, chakras and much more makes this laser a great deal, when compared to the traditional lasers available that are really only designed for injuries.

The Q1000 works great on injuries and also on a variety of other conditions based on its ability to rejuvenate cells anywhere in the body.

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