Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I currently work on average about 8 days per month as a Microscopist

My name is Mary Beth Mittleman, I am a mother of three (young) children, I run my own successful business and I am married to Stu Mittleman, ultra marathoner who runs a successful coaching business of his own.

I am also a Microscopist trained by Dr. Young which gives me the freedom and flexibility needed to balance my hectic work and family life. And the most profound impact the microscopy provides me with is the ability to give back and contribute to others.

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio with a dream to be an artist. I got a BFA from Syracuse University and went on to receive an MFA in painting from Columbia University. I was a struggling artist living a bohemian lifestyle in NYC where I met my husband ultra marathoner Stu Mittleman. At this time I became intrigued with health and fitness, ran three NYC Marathon's (all coached by Stu), and became a mother of two.

We moved to San Diego from New York City in 1998. That year we were introduced to alkalizing and energizing the system through the acid/alkalinity distinctions. I had my blood looked at and became interested in what was happening from the inside out. Seeing my blood cells made me realize this was the leverage I needed to transform my own health and energy. I immediately saw the power and the impact this visual representation of seeing one's blood has on our day to day life.

I discovered it was possible to study and become a Microscopist without years of degrees and training. I studied with Dr. Robert O. Young and became a certified Microscopist in a reasonable amount of time.

After I went through the beginners and advanced course I coordinated blood testing for Tony Robbin's Life Mastery seminar in 1999 and 2000, in which over 2000 people were tested at one event.

The experience was extraordinary.
Stu and I had our third child in August 2000 just before the Robbins Life Mastery event. The joy in being able to study and apply my skill as a Microscopist was such a blessing. I went through my pregnancy and then with my new born baby, I had the flexibility to be a Microscopist anywhere I desired.

I'd asked myself 'How is it possible to educate and to create distinctions with even more people?' Blood Cell Analysis is the answer!

I love the opportunity to make a difference.
I currently work on average about 8 days per month as a Microscopist, I affiliate with other health practitioners. I visit a Chiropractors office twice a month and also a Colon Hydrotherapy/Lymphatic (Colon Cleansing) Practicioner's office twice a month, where various healing and cleansing modalities are offered.

I work with their patient/client base (I can see between 8-10 people a day), creating a unique service for the other health practitioners and creating a steady stream of new clients for me.
The other days I have private appointments for Microscopy, some days from my home and many times I am asked to travel to perform microscopy for groups.

Microscopy offers me Flexibility and Freedom, consequently giving me the choice of where I want to focus my energies! To serve others and contribute at a cellular level is so fulfilling and truly rewarding.

Take action NOW! Become a nutritional Microscopist. Commit to transforming your health, energy and awareness within and with others.

I promise you your life will take on a new meaning and groundedness.
From the Heart,
Mary Beth Mittleman

We would like to thank Mary Beth from our hearts for her passion for the New Biology? and her selfless contribution to the mission of saving lives and changing lives.
Dr Robert & Shelley Young

PS If you have been contemplating whether the Microscopy course is for you. Mary Beth's story may have answered some of your questions and inspired you to join us on March 12th through the 17th for the Basic Course and for our Advanced Microscopy Course March 19th through the 24th.

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